Engine parts found at China Eastern Airlines crash site

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The search for answers in the muddy forested hills of southern China is both grueling and devastating at the same time. It’s in this area where the ill fated Boeing 737 of China Eastern Airways came to rest and where 132 people lost their lives to one of the most horrific accidents of modern times.

The authorities are still looking for survivors, although the forces generated by the nosedive that the Boeing 737-800 took on its way into the mountainous area last Monday and the G forces that it created practically negates the possibility of someone surviving the crash.

As of now, the Chinese authorities have acknowledged the findings of some human remains and engine parts, as well as items from the cockpit and some passenger’s belongings. The Chinese TV showed images of searchers trying to remove a section of the wing that showed that airline’s red and blue logo.

So far they have found one of the two black boxes, with the outer casing badly damaged but the inner orange cylinder relatively intact. China Eastern Airlines is one of 4 major airlines in China. The company announced last Thursday that they were grounding the 223 Boeing 737 jetliners in their fleet and its subsidiaries.

The airline said that the grounding was just a precaution, and that it shouldn’t be seen as a sign that something is wrong with the jet. The company keeps on stating that the plane that crashed was in good mechanical condition and its crew was living a happy and healthy life. 

Investigators are warning that it’s too early to determine the causes behind the accident. There are reports that indicate that an air traffic controller tried to make contact with the Boeing 737 after noticing the violent drop in altitude without any luck.

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