GOP: President Biden, stop “bullying” the airline industry

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GOP lawmakers on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee warned President Joe Biden that his vaccine mandates could have adverse effects on the airline industry, and demanded they be reversed immediately to prevent further damage on an already hurt industry.

The demands were made via a letter to the president by ranking member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Rep. Sam Graves, R-Mo., and Aviation Subcommittee ranking member Garret Graves, R-La., where they denounced the pressure the White House is exerting on the Airline Industry.

In their letter, both ranking members wrote:

The administration’s decision to target passenger air carrier employees for COVID-19 vaccine mandates and encourage their firing should they not comply has no basis in any COVID-related statute passed by Congress.”

Last week, reports were received that revealed the added pressure the airlines are being subjected to, by the Biden Administration to vaccinate all of their employees or terminate the ones who refuse to receive the vaccine, be it by personal conviction, religious reasons or health issues that prevents them from taking the vaccine.

This is just another power grab by the Biden Administration, this time against an airline industry that was saved by the American Taxpayer and not by the Federal government. The new Presidential Mandates, put the airlines against the wall with two modalities. The first one is a mandate valid for any service provider for the Federal Government, Which airlines are marked as via the Civil Air Reserve Fleet (CRAF) and for any company with more than 100 employees on their payroll.

The deadline for most federal employees to receive the inoculation is Nov. 22, almost just in time for Thanksgiving and the official launch of the Holiday season. The pair of Republican Congressmen added that this is a form of “Bullying” from the Oval Office:

This unilateral mandate and arbitrary deadline (of Dec. 8) will serve only to disrupt airline operations and increase the likelihood for canceled flights, upsetting holiday plans for thousands of Americans, many of whom have not seen their families since the start of the pandemic”

The letter continues:

Despite the scientific evidence that air travel is extremely safe, your administration is choosing to bully airlines into firing unvaccinated employees while giving a free pass to other modes of transportation like public transit, which received $70 billion in COVID relief funding from Congress.”

The deadline for airlines to enforce these coercive measures to vaccinate or fire their employees is December the 8th, just a week shy of the beginning of the Christmas vacation travel season

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