Senator Ted Cruz is denied boarding in Montana

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Our favorite senator from Texas, the Republican Ted Cruz is no alien to controversy. Whether it’s hot issues on the senate floor or his opinions on the current administration, Sen. Cruz never disappoints. This time Cruz made the news over his now famous love-hate relationship with United Airlines.

Ted Cruz has expressed his solidarity with the Airlines’ employees while hating the flag carrier’s mask mandates. Sadly, this love was not extended to the workers in Bozeman, Montana who refused to give him an exception when he showed up late for his flight. This refusal prompted a tantrum of the likes we only see at a daycare center that made it necessary for the workers to request assistance from the airport law enforcement. 

A video of the event went viral when it was shared on Reddit. The video shows Senator Ted Cruz checking in (or trying to) for his flight with United Airlines from Bozeman (BZN). Cruz became visibly irate when he was told he was late for his flight and that boarding wasn’t possible anymore. 

The employee filming the hissy fit claims that Cruz was demanding the names of every one of the frontline employees and was threatening to “go to corporate” if he was not allowed to board his flight. 

The person behind the video claims also that although it was not taped, the Senator asked the agent “Do you know who I am?” And asked over 12 times to be allowed to speak to a manager. 

Cruz’s refusal to calm down, forced the agents to call the airport police. And although Cruz is totally at fault for being late for his flight, it is also true that check-in cutoff time at tiny airports like Bozeman are absolutely draconian. In any case, this is a little bit less than what we expect from one of our marquee Senators and a possible future POTUS. 

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