Take a ride on a Pan Am Boeing 747 from Madrid to New York

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The Boeing 747, one of the best commercial airliners of all time, was a magnificent joint venture between Boeing and Pan Am, who at the time wanted a plane they could use to cover the gap they had in their routes to Europe, while they waited for the Boeing SST, the proposed American supersonic passenger plane, to come to fruition.

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The idea of Juan T. Trippe regarding the 747, was that when the SST could start operations, they could move all the 747s to a new cargo division and let the SST take over the traffic between Europe and the United States. He was a visionary all right! The 747 is one of the best cargo planes out there still today. But what he didn’t foresee was that he was creating the most iconic airplane of all time, one that would carry on to the new millennium and beyond.

So to travel on a Pan Am 747 used to be the best way to enjoy this mega airliner. Simply because it was with their very co creators. Pan Am was famous for their amazing onboard service and with the 747, it achieved perfection! Their 3 hour First Class dinner service became better than ever before. In this video we’re going to take a trip onboard one of Pan Am’s wonderful Boeing 747s and see how it was like to travel onboard “The World’s Most Experienced Airline”.

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