Air France Pilots lose control of their Boeing 777 during final approach

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The pilots of an Air France Boeing 777 reg. F-GSQJ experienced some important issues during their final approach to Paris Charles De Gaulle International Airport today April 5. The aircraft which was finishing its service from New York  seemed to not respond to the pilot’s yoke and their input during the landing phase of the flight.

The Boeing 777, registration F-GSQJ took off from JFK International Airport in New York at 21:15LT on April 4th in service of flight AF11 with Paris as its final destination. The flight took place without any novelties and after 5:10 hours of flight time, the aircraft initiated its descent into Paris. The plane was on final approach to runway 26L when the alarms tripped off in the cockpit.

According to the initial reports, the Boeing 77 did not respond to the commands of the Air France Crew. While the aircraft continued descending, its started to roll to the left, the opposite direction to which it was supposed to go. They were able to regain control over the plane just 1,200 feet before touching down and without them being lined up with the runway.

Because of this they were forced to climb up to 4,000 feet and try to perform the approach once again. At around 10:15LT, the aircraft landed, this time on runway 27R without further complications. Airlive’s YouTube channel shared a video where one can hear the communications between the control tower of Paris’ Charles De Gaulle and the Air France pilots. In the recording one can hear that the pilots worked hard to regain control over the aircraft.

The aircraft involved in this incident is a Boeing 777-300ER, registration number F-GSQJ and that was delivered to Air France in 2005, who then baptized it as Starsbourg.

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