Copilot might be behind the crash of China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737

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The tragedy of China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 on March 21 has shocked the world, leaving experts scratching their heads at the violence of this tragedy. It appears the world is about to get the answers it has been desperately seeking for nearly a month.

A series of Chinese social media leaks from public security departments in the country appear to indicate that the first officer of the Boeing 737-800 is the culprit behind the crash of flight MU5735. The civil aviation regulator in China (CAAC) was blunt in refuting the rumors, indicating that the accident is still under investigation and that there are no conclusions regarding the cause and nature of the accident yet.

Speculation circulates around a possible information leak which indicates that the data from the CRV and FDR was revealed to the authorities involved and that the CAAC will recommend that the crews be subject to more intense and constant mental health monitoring.

Wu Shijie, an official from the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said yesterday, Monday, April 11, that the rumors, which are claimed to come from a public security department, are misleading, undermine public confidence in the ongoing investigation, and represent a possible violation of the law. He added that the accident remains under investigation and no conclusion has been reached on the cause and nature of the accident.

The CAAC attaches great importance to the mental health of aviation workers and has requested airlines to take measures to support their pilots, flight attendants and air traffic controllers and security officers to handle any type of psychological pressure.

Wu said that the accident has had an impact on the well-being of the workers leading the investigation of this accident, but that their efforts in the area of ​​​​mental health indicate positive results and that the crews in the aviation industry in China are in use of their full physical and mental capabilities, guaranteeing operational security in the country.

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