In 2021 Textron Aviation accomplished legendary milestones

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Textron Aviation soared to new heights and accomplished legendary milestones resulting in industry-leading business jet and turboprop deliveries.

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According to the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), Textron Aviation led the industry in 2021 in the following deliveries:

  • Multi-Engine Business Turboprop (King Air 260 and King Air 360)
  • Utility Turboprop (Caravan 675 and Grand Caravan EX)
  • Single Pilot Jet (Citation M2, Citation CJ3+ and Citation CJ4 Gen2)
  • Midsize Jet (Citation Latitude and Citation XLS+)

And they keep pushing forward. In 2021, Textron Aviation also successfully launched four new products:

  • M2 Gen2
  • XLS Gen2
  • CJ4 Gen2
  • 75th-anniversary special edition Bonanza G36

Because of their customers and industry partners, Textron continue to set the standard and then raise it. Textron said they never settle. They only recognize their achievements. And then keep pushing. Forward.


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