Boston authorities close down improvised crew “crash pad”

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So long, crash pad! This article will hit close to all of us who work as airline employees and know or have known the país of needing a crash pad to make stay afloat while starting up with a carrier and ending a place to stay on a low salary, which is common for new employees.

The construction authorities in Boston, thanks to an anonymous tip, have found and dismantled a garage that was used as an apartment or “crash pad” for airline crews, more specifically, flight attendants working out of Boston Logan International Airport, who used the building to spend time in the city while overnighting or in guard with the airline.

The authorities report that the building located on Geneva Street in the east side of Boston, did not count with alternate means of exit, namely an emergency exit, no smoke detectors and was built illegally and outside of the city’s code for housing. The authorities also report that inside the garage they found dangerous materials stored improperly, among the items a gasoline canister that was found full.

The apartment was arranged to house up to 12 people with 2 bathrooms and 3 separate bedrooms, but upon inspection the authorities discovered over 20 bunk beds which suggests the amount of people inside was way higher than 12. 

Now, any crew in the world will understand the existence of a place like this, as mentioned before, crews have to stay in their base for days at a time and commuting can get quite expensive, even with airline deadheading benefits. Crash pads are a sometimes fun, but more often than not, a sad and depressing reality of working as an airline crew. 

So it seems that these crews will have to find a new place to be able to be in the city and fulfill their duties. It’s sad, though, that even when airlines know that these places exist and that that’s how their crews live, they don’t do anything about it at a corporate level. 

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