China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 crashes with 132 people onboard

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Today, Monday March the 21st, a Boeing 737-800 that used to belong to China Eastern Airlines, registration number B-1791, has crashed in the mountainous area of Tengxian, Guangxi province, in the southeastern part of China while operating flight MU5735. At the moment the reasons behind this accident remain unknown. 

The Chinese civil aviation administration (AACC), said that the plane was carrying onboard 132 passengers and 9 members of the crew. The airliner took off from the Kunming Wujiaba International Airport (KMG) at 05>15 UTC inbound  to the Canton Airport (CAN).

the information on the tracking website FlightRadar 24, indicates that the airliner was flying at 29,00o feet and approximately one hour into the flight, radar contact was lost. Video from a security camera around the area of the accident, shows the plane in a nosedive, precipitating towards the ground.

The plane went down from 29,000 feet to 3,225 feet in less than one minute, the same ground elevation where the plane ultimately impacted. The impact was confirmed at 6:22:00 UTC. The information provided from the ADS-B, indicates however that the crew tried to ascend and get rid of the nose down attitude of the plane, that was achieved for a few seconds to just continue with its steep dive.

People who reside around the are of the impact have uploaded videos where they show a smoke plume and some other debris belonging to the airliner. China Eastern has confirmed via press release the place where the accident took place and the amount of people onboard, while they’re in the process of sending airline employees to the crash site and start a hotline for the families of the victims.

As of now, there’s no information of the reasons behind this accident since the black boxes are in the process of being recovered and analyzed, process which traditionally takes a few months.

The plane in question, was a Boeing 737-800 registration B-1791 which took its first flight on June 5th 2015. It was delivered a few days later to China Easter Airlines and had 7 years in the company’s roster. It was equipped with two CFM56-7B24 turbofan engines.

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