Goodbye, Cowboy! Hainan Airlines will sell their newest Airbus A350s

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When we analiza Hainan Airlines´ fleet by average age, their Airbus A350 is without any doubt the youngest in their fleet of the Chinese airline. Despite this and the fact that they are relatively Jung machines, it seems that they don’t hold a spot among the companies future plans and their fleet.

The airline announced that they intend to sell two of their Airbus A350 and sublease another 4. To this day, Hainan Airlines has 7 Airbus A350 in their fleet with an average of 3.3 years old. Historically the airline has flown another two more A350s, registrations B-304Z and B-305A that were in their fleet between January and October of 2019.

The Airbus A350-900 is one of several wide bodies in the Asian carrier´s fleet. They also fly with the Airbus A330-200 and -300, they also fly with the Boeing 787-8 and -9. Sadly, with the uncertainty that the airline sector is undergoing in China right now, these new A350 have seen little to no action whatsoever and are all inactive as of today. 

5 of the European-made airliners are currently stored at Lourdes/Tarbes Pyrénées in France. The other two aircraft are currently stored at the airlines hub in Beijing, and were brought there last august of 2021 from the Guangzhou province where they were originally stored. 

And despite the potential the A350 has as a tool, it hasn’t really worked that well for Hainan Airlines. That’s the reason why the future of the types is not firm within the company. The final decision was then to sell the youngest two aircraft on the fleet and sublease the rest. The two aircraft for sale are practically new with only a few flown cycles in them. 

Within the 4 planes that will be leased, are included the pair that’s currently in Beijing and those are the ones that are the most heavily used of them all. The proposals to buy the very new airliners are due on April 10 as per the airlines rules for the procedure, and that very day the winning bids will be announced both to the potential buyers and general public. 

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