Autistic boy denied boarding over mask mandate

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An 8 year old boy with autism was denied boarding with his family when they were gearing up to travel from Chicago O’hare to the Dominican Republic. Apparently according to the minor’s mom, he was discriminated against by the gate agent in charge of the flight.

The gate agent had the concern that he wouldn’t be capable of keeping his mask on through the flight. The Mother, Megan Kitze-Ward said last Tuesday night that she was there without her buddy, both of her buddies. She was forced to travel alone to Punta Cana while her husband, Matt stayed behind with her 8 year old son, Max.

While recapping her travel nightmare, she said that all the gate agent kept on saying was “I know autism and I can’t guarantee that you’re going to be keeping a mask on him”. Kitze-Ward believes her son, Max, was discriminated against for his condition. “I don’t want this to never happen to another family again”

On the brighter side, a happy ending might be on the horizon for them as they might get another chance at their family trip. The family was taking their trip with Southwest Airlines, who apparently will gladly help them a chance at a redo. The family was issued a refund which was confirmed by Southwest Airlines.

The company also stated that discrimination goes against one of the core values of Southwest Airlines and that there in the process of conducting a thorough internal review of this case to try to prevent events like this one from ever happening again. The airline stated that they have a comprehensive sensitivity training program and that any issues will be addressed in an effective manner.

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