United Airlines holds job fair to fill 1,000 positions

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United Airlines is desperate to have a full staff for this summer 2022, the list of positions is huge and time is running out. That is why the airline decided to open the more than 1,000 positions they currently have to the general public and held a job fair in Chicago yesterday, Wednesday, April 13.

With unemployment at historic numbers, despite the promises of the Joe Biden administration, and rivers of people who have lost interest in working after the pandemic, United is in an incredible need for workers. 1,000 positions are pending to be filled in any number of roles within the company, all of them vital for the correct performance of the company next summer of 2022.

Open positions range from ramp staff to flight attendants and corporate positions, most of them located in Chicago. Interest in these jobs with United appears to be quite high. The company reports that they have measured 4% of their social media conversation organically regarding these jobs.

People who attended the job fair had to wait up to two hours to get in and sit down with a specialist recruiter, see if there is interest, and in some cases proceed to their job interview. As the hours passed, the airline promised to contact each and every one of the participants telling them that the energy to start working is one of the most important factors in this hiring process.

The airline assured that it is not necessary to have a university degree to be able to work with United Airlines and earn a great salary and even have a great career. The places remain open and waiting to be covered during the following weeks.

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